Recently, we released our first client library walkthrough video for the DoubleClick for Publishers API. This five-minute video guide shows you how to get up and running with the PHP client library from downloading the code to running one of the examples. All you need to get started is a DFP account (production or sandbox) and a machine with PHP 5.2.x and the SoapClient, OpenSSL, and cURL extensions. For new users to the API, it’s a great way to get acquainted with the documentation pages, project site, and client library features.

The video takes you through an explanation of how the getCreativesByStatement example makes an API call and highlights common usage patterns and best practices for the client library. We also show you what happens when a call returns an error and how you can configure logging to get more information and troubleshoot an issue.

Please let us know about any topics you would like us to cover in a video guide or blog by leaving a comment on our forum. You can also chat with us live at one of our DFP API Office Hours Hangouts.