Yesterday, the Google Analytics team posted some exciting new enhancements to the Google Analytics SDK:

  • EasyTracking Library - EasyTracker libraries for both iOS and Android enable tracking of your application down to the Activity (or UIViewController for iOS) level with almost no coding required on your part. Additionally, improved integration with the Google Analytics SDK means better responsiveness on iOS as well as automatic session management on both platforms.
  • Updated Google Analytics SDK - Newly released iOS version 1.4 and Android version 1.4.2 contain several bug fixes, including more reliable methods for sending hits on iOS and a fix for the Android Market referral issue.
  • More samples - New open source application aimed to help reduce the ramp-up time for new developers who want to track their apps. This application exercises all the Google Analytics APIs that are available to mobile application developers. You can find them at trunk/src/tracking/mobile.

To read more, check out the full post on the Google Analytics Blog.