Today, we are releasing AdMob iOS SDK v5.0.5 (download here). This SDK contains some important improvements to how the AdMob SDK supports interstitial ads.

In this release, we have added support for additional Rich Media interstitial ad formats for the iPhone and iPad. This update will be forward-compatible with all future interstitial formats. Be sure to get this update if your app relies on interstitial ads because after March 1, 2012, interstitial ads will not be supported on older versions of the SDK.

In addition to improved support for interstitial ads, this release contains two other noteworthy improvements. First, we have increased the accuracy of impression tracking for interstitial ads. Secondly, you’ll now receive the error message didFailToReceiveWithError: if you make any additional requests (after the initial request) from a single GADInterstitial object.

If you have any questions please post them in our forum. Otherwise, check out AdMob iOS SDK v5.0.5.